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Get the Help You and Your Family Needs

Child support is a form of support payment that is often ordered when two parents are no longer living together. It is in the best interest of any child to have financial support from both parents. It is also sound public policy to require that parents support their children so those children do not become wards of the state or otherwise dependent upon state run welfare or support programs. Child support may be ordered even in instances where a parent does not have contact with his or her child, unless that parent has legally surrendered parental rights with the permission of both the court and the other parent.

We Can Work It Out…

Even though you and your former spouse are separated, both parents remain responsible for taking care of their children.  When you need help determining and collecting the proper amount of support that your ex should be paying, Abeles & Karle, PLLC will help you prove that your children deserve the maximum amount of financial support available.  We can do this by showing that your ex has resources available to help assure your children’s stability.

We are also aware that inability to collect necessary support can lead to financial difficulties that can be helped through filing a bankruptcy petition to hold off creditors, and base your household finances on affordability.  Contact us to find out more about obtaining mandated support payments from your children’s parent.

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