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The Child's Best Interests In Mind

As your advocate, Abeles & Karle, PLLC will ensure that your rights as a parent or grandparent are fought for and protected in the best interests of the child. The laws of Florida are written to ensure that the  best interests of the child or children are protected in a divorce or legal separation. There may be many options available to you, some of which you have not considered. Our intention is to protect the interests of your child and often this includes the protection of your assets and ability to provide for your children.

We Understand and We Can Help!

We recognize that children can bear the brunt of the stress and heartache that goes along with divorce.  Oftentimes, children may feel stress and confusion because they feel that they have somehow caused the difficulty in their parents’ relationship.  The decisions parents make, and the rulings that judges may ultimately make, have a significant impact on children often at a very tender age.  At Abeles & Karle, PLLC, we are especially mindful that children can be dramatically affected by the decisions made by their parents, and how their domestic relations case is handled.

We know that the best place for a child to grow up is at home with a loving parent, and we will work hard to see that happen.  If you are seeking to obtain custody of your children, Abeles & Karle, PLLC can assist you to prove to the court that you are the proper parent to act as the primary custodian of your children. The law grants custody in the best interests of the child, and we will help prove to a judge that your home is the best environment to raise children that will live normal, healthy lives.

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