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Develop a Plan!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is commonly known as a “repayment” style bankruptcy. We will help you to

evaluate your finances and construct an affordable repayment plan that makes provisions for therepayment of your secured and unsecured debts.

Here are the facts…

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be required under the recent changes to bankruptcy laws.  In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are free to choose to dismiss your case at any time, or you may convert your case to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, depending on changes in your situation.  We will assist you in constructing a strategy to help repair your credit and budgetary issues for a better future ahead.

How Chapter 13 Works for You!

The repayment plan is based on your household’s actual income and expenses, and is designed to be affordable, by setting aside your “disposable income”that is left over each month as the payment for you creditors. This allows your household’s income to determine how much money your creditors will get each month; not how much they want.

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